Every few seconds, another hospo worker’s life is being ripped apart. 

Our industry is in meltdown because of Covid-19. Hospo workers are losing our shifts and our jobs, with nothing to fall back on. We are scared and hurting. 

But we are coming together to support each other. We are telling our stories. And we are demanding a living wage for every worker affected by this crisis..

The Federal Government tells us to go on Centrelink. Just $40 a day. That means hospo workers will be sleeping in cars and under bridges.

This industry depends on migrant hospo workers.  But they’ve got nowhere to turn. We demand support for these workers too. 

Hospitality is Australia’s largest industry and we are its heart and soul.

The Federal Government must provide direct support to hospo workers. Now. As each day passes more workers lose their jobs and get pushed into poverty.

Money must go straight to workers. Too many bosses steal our wages. And with half a chance, they’ll do it again. 

We’re here to fight to make sure the industry that rises from the ashes of Covid-19 is stronger and fairer, where we are paid properly, treated with respect and have good secure jobs. 

Hospo Voice – Your Hospitality Union

This site was created by members of Hospo Voice, Australia’s first digital union. 

We are a powerful fighting union of hospo workers, standing together to demand fairness and respect in our industry.

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Hospo workers in other states can join the United Workers Union

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