Coronavirus: Your Rights at Work

Know your rights at work when it comes to COVID-19. Our fact sheet and FAQ.


Coronavirus: Workplace Checklist

All workplaces need a plan on how to deal with COVID-19. Working with your employer to make sure there are appropriate measures in place will decrease the number of infections and potentially save lives.


Hospo workers mental health and COVID-19

During this pandemic, we need to look after our and other union members’ mental health more than ever. Advice for you, from leading mental health organisations. 


Template: Workplace Safety Petition

Template petition on COVID-19 workplace safety.


Template: Letter to Management

In the context of the unfolding coronavirus pandemic, union members are calling for urgent measures to be taken in hospitality workplaces to protect the safety of workers and to allow us to fulfil our social responsibility to slow the rate of infection and protect the broader community. This is your template letter to send to management regarding measures to be taken.


Template: Letter to Landlords

Template letter to send to your landlord if your income is impacted by COVID-19 or the shutdown. Application for relief or extension on rent payment.

Stand up for hospo workers: